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Welcome to a hotel that respects the environment

We are grateful for the natural beauty of our island and are deeply concerned with protecting it.

Every winter, a team of volunteers from Hotel Perrakis cleans the beaches and tends to the footpaths in the area.

In attempt to reduce the impact we have on the local ecosystem, we have initiated various ecologically-sound practices as recycling and energy conservation, such us reducing the use of electricity, using eco-friendly light bulbs and bio-cleaning products along with the wise use of natural resources such as water. We recycle all kind of batteries, aluminium, glass and plastic materials.

We urge our guests to help us in our mission by:

  • reducing their energy consumption to the minimum consistent with their comfort: especially by i.e. turning the air conditioning and the lights off when leaving the room
  • using water resources wisely: we change your towels upon request and not necessarily on a daily basis
  • recycling: recycling bins have been installed in central areas in the hotel.

Furthermore, we constantly keep informed about the technological advances, so that every new mechanical installation at Hotel Perrakis complies and exceeds all current environmental legislation.

We love our island home and we prove it with our actions!